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Secondary Containments

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All of the secondary steel wall containment systems built by Triple T’s Linings, LLC serve as precautionary containment measures in the event of fluid spillage and are placed in or above ground. Our systems are quality controlled and quality assured to meet the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) standards.

These structures come in a variety of shapes and dimensions, which provide options for a wide array of project needs. Each system is calculated and designed to match the required containment capacity. Triple T’s Linings, LLC ensures we will obtain and safely install the proper fit of a secondary steel wall containment system for your project.

Each containment is built with 20g Galvanized wall panels, with 14G 3”x3” tube steel posts 4’ OC, 24” depth and backfilled with 4000LBs Quick Crete™ sacks.  The floor geotextile fabric is 16 oz non-woven polypropylene and heat calendared on one side to receive the polyurea liquid.  The mil thickness of polyurea can be from 20 mil to 120 mil produced robotically to ensure consistency.  The floor to wall transition is installed with a 24” slit cut fabric 16 Oz non-woven polypropylene fabric and polyurea sprayed from 20 - 120 mils.  The transition of multiple floor panels and wall panels are tac sprayed overlapped and then field sprayed to the clients’ mil specifications.  The polyurea will then be sprayed up, on top of and on the exterior of the galvanized wall panels to ensure a monolithic finish.

Product finish smooth or textured upon client request.

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